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  • Postcode Lotterie Stiftung

    Since 2019 Postcode Lotterie is financially supporting Wefugees.

  • Freundeskreis Asyl Karlsruhe e.V. (fka)

    The “Freundeskreis Asyl Karlsruhe e.V.” (fka) is an independent non-profit association, which dedicates itself to the rights and humane treatment of asylum seekers and refugees in the area of Karlsruhe since 1987.

    In their events, they advocate the fundamental rights of asylum and reception, respect and recognition of refugees in general. They also offer counselling services and direct support for asylum seekers and refugees.

    Wefugees: @Alla_fka

    Freundeskreis Asyl Karlsruhe e.V. Website


  • mbeon

    mbeon provides information for adult immigrants in Germany.

    As part of this project a digital service has been developed, which enables advice-seekers to use the mbeon app to access a chat-based advice service. It’s free of charge, anonymous, and secure. At the same time, the app and this website both provide comprehensive information to help immigrants find their feet when they first arrive. Information on all the topics is available in German, English, Russian and Arabic.


    mbeon Website

  • Informationsverbund Asyl und Migration e.V.

    The Informationsverbund Asyl und Migration e.V. is an association of organisations active in refugee and migration work. Its common goal is to make information relevant to counselling and decision-making practice accessible. In particular, the association prepares information, materials and publicly available decisions in the field of asylum and residence law on its website www.asyl.net in such a way that uncomplicated and low-threshold access is guaranteed for persons and institutions involved in asylum and residence procedures. In addition, the Information Network also operates the information platform www.fluechtlingshelfer.info, which collects useful knowledge for the support of refugees – for volunteers, for full-time refugee workers and for fugitives.

    wefugees: @InfoVerbund

  • Jobs4Refugees

    Jobs4refugees is a charitable organisation. Their mission is to help refugees find work and apprenticeships. The aim is to allow them to partake in our society self-determinedly. They support refugees with application trainings and workshops, with finding fitting job-openings and during the entire application and hiring process. Their aim is to lower the cultural barriers.

    At the same time, they work with companies and suggest potential candidates to them. Jobs4Refugees supports employers with all their questions on employing refugees, in order to ensure a sustainable working relation. They believe that taking up work is a decisive step towards a successful integration.

    wefugees: Franziska_jobs4refugees

    offline: Friedrichstraße 246, 10969 Berlin

  • Mazars

    Marcel Ruhlmann is a lawyer at the law firm Mazars in Berlin. He is advising social facilities, private companies and government-owned enterprises regarding tax issues in the field of the accommodation of refugees. He is also helping and advising a start-up concerning legal questions, that is offering traineeships for refugees to teach them IT-coding language.

    wefugees: @Marcel (Rechtsanwalt)

  • Lern Laden Neukölln

    Since October 2015, we work on behalf of the Senatsverwaltung für Arbeit, Integration und Frauen, as mobile advisers for refugees. Our aim is to provide orientation and information concerning questions about education and work. We speak
    dari/farsi, arabic, frensh, english and german.

    wefugees: @BildungsberaterIn (LernLaden Neukölln)

    offline: Karl-Marx-Straße 131, 12043 Berlin

  • Kiron Open Higher Education for Refugees

    Kiron is a non-profit organization that helps refugees all over the world gain access to higher education. We work with existing open online courses to provide you with the opportunity to start your Bachelor’s degree from anywhere. The Kiron study phase is blended learning divided into online and offline studies.

    wefugees: @KironHelpDesk

    Kiron apply


  • Start Social

    Since summer 2017 we are part of the startsocial scholarship, for the promotion of social, volunteer projects and organizations. German Chancellor Angela Merkel is the patronage of start social since 2015.

  • Enabee

    Enabee kindly provides the peer2peer community software, which we are able to use in our behalf.