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  • Mazars

    Marcel Ruhlmann is a lawyer at the law firm Mazars in Berlin. He is advising social facilities, private companies and government-owned enterprises regarding tax issues in the field of the accommodation of refugees. He is also helping and advising a start-up concerning legal questions, that is offering traineeships for refugees to teach them IT-coding language.

    wefugees: @Marcel (Rechtsanwalt)

  • Lern Laden Neukölln

    Since October 2015, we work on behalf of the Senatsverwaltung für Arbeit, Integration und Frauen, as mobile advisers for refugees. Our aim is to provide orientation and information concerning questions about education and work. We speak
    dari/farsi, arabic, frensh, english and german.

    wefugees: @BildungsberaterIn (LernLaden Neukölln)

    offline: Karl-Marx-Straße 131, 12043 Berlin

  • Workeer

    Workeer is Germany’s first job board that specifically targets refugees. The platform aims to create a suitable environment in which this specific group of people is brought together with employers that think positively about hiring them. WIth the help of employer and employee profiles, as well as job offerings in diverse sectors and locations within Germany, Workeer facilitates the first straightforward contact between refugees and employers.

    wefugees: @DavidJ (workeer)

    Workeer Website

  • Kiron Open Higher Education for Refugees

    Kiron is a non-profit organization that helps refugees all over the world gain access to higher education. We work with existing open online courses to provide you with the opportunity to start your Bachelor’s degree from anywhere. The Kiron study phase is blended learning divided into online and offline studies.

    wefugees: @KironHelpDesk

    Kiron apply


  • Hilfe von Mensch zu Mensch e.V.

    Refugees and migrants, “help them help themselves” is the motto of the “Hilfe von Mensch zu Mensch e. V.”. The aid organisation, based in Munich, has been supporting refugees and migrants for almost 25 years. It is mainly devoted to people who have fallen into social hardship through war and persecution. The association offers comprehensive support, which facilitates the stay, integration and continuation of one’s stay in Germany.

  • Start with a Friend

    We want to support refugees arriving in Germany by bringing them together with locals. Locals can help to make a difference for them with both their experience in everyday life and their commitment.

    wefugees: @FahedKhalili (Start with a friend)

    Start with a friend Website

  • Programm Engagement mit Perspektive

    From September 2016 until September 2017, Henriette Schmidt was holder of the PEP Scholarship from PEP (Ashoka) and SAP. Since November 2016, Wefugees takes part in PEP Wirkungsschmiede program from PEP and Malteser.

  • Enabee

    Enabee kindly provides the peer2peer community software, which we are able to use in our behalf.