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Our vision

We believe that integration succeeds when refugees are able to solve their problems on their own. In order to make this possible, knowledge must not be monopolized, but collectively collected and made accessible to all.

WeFugees works for a world in which information dissemination is direct, transparent and at eye level – so we offer help and assistance to refugees and helpers.

our solution

Wefugees offers a unique communication structure in refugee aid. On our interactive platform, refugees and helpers can ask, answer and find questions about the topic of arrivals in Germany. In doing so, they support aid organizations that are selected by us. Through wefugees.de, the knowledge of all those involved is sustainably processed and made accessible. Refugees can independently start their new lives and conventional relief programs are relieved.

Our history

The idea for Wefugees came to Cornelia Röper in 2015 as part of her work for the software manufacturer Enabee. The chaos that exists in Facebook auxiliary groups would have to be able to be organized with a customer-help-customer software !? After research and a co-design workshop with refugees and other refugees, Cornelia put her idea into action in early 2016. With thousands of hits and several hundred questions, the first month already showed that the concept was accepted and urgently needed!

In February 2016, Henriette Schmidt joined Wefugees and began to expand the program with Cornelia and put together a team. In May they decided to make Wefugees their main task, quit their jobs and founded Wefugees as gUG. The work of Cornelia, Henriette and her team was also made possible due to the scholarships received. Cornelia and her team have been awarded the Think Big Scholarship and the Startery Scholarship of the Social Impact Labs. Henriette also receives the PEP (Engagement and Perspective Program) scholarship from the Ashoka Foundation and SAP since September 2016.


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